Envision Canvas Printing!


At Envision we are always looking at new trends, technologies and communications that we can offer our clients. Today we are very excited to announce our newest in-house service — Canvas Wraps!

Using our professional quality HP z3100 printer, Envision is able to take your personally selected images and print them to any size you need. Our printer uses the highest quality inks for vivid colours and beautiful contrasts. Because the colour correction, printing and installation to a frame can all be done in-house, we are able to keep production times down and the quality product up much higher than large retailers. Image enhancing and reconstruction can also be done to ensure you get cared for with the best possible result at a fraction of the cost. This is a great way to wow your customers when they arrive into your office. Its also a very personal and unique gift idea that someone special will be sure to love.

Envision it!