Growing your small business through communications

SAULT STE MARIE, ON – In today’s world, we are very much driven by communication. The way we buy products, make decisions and learn new skills all stem from good communication. The small business world is no exception. As a small business owner, I have a need to effectively communicate my business to my target market for the successful growth of the company. However, what many have realized is that now in the 21st century, communication and advertising is everywhere. In fact, it has become so prevalent that getting your message across to your intended audience has, in some ways become a challenge for a lot of small business owners. Here are some tips that will help to engage potential clients with your message and keep them interested:

1. Know who you are – Before you do anything, make sure you know who you are as a business. Also know who you are targeting and what you are trying to accomplish. It will be vital to your success. Figure out what makes your business unique to your market and why your audience should develop an interest in you.

 2. Develop your brand strategy – Once you have a good handle on who you are as a business, developing your brand will be key in how potential clients perceive and receive your message. Branding covers a very broad scope of things including your corporate logo but also how you interact with clients, advertise and operate as a company. Consulting with a professional brand strategist or graphic designer is your best bet in getting the most out of brand communication and advertising. Find a professional with a proven track record because developing a brand that reflects the tone of your company is not an overnight task. Your logo is not a task for your neighbours son or daughter to conjure up. Your corporate logo should be a strong visual hook for people to be able to identify with and one that strongly relays your message.

3. Back up your message – What good is your message if you don’t deliver? Work hard and put forth an honest effort. Produce great results for your clients and take care of their needs. Clients will appreciate the effort and talk about their experience to their friends and family. Word of mouth is a great form of communication and what better way (and free way) to gain new business than by referrals. Maintain your brand perception by backing up your message with results – their success will also be your success.

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