BRAND is an all encompassing word

A brand incorporates all aspects of your business. It’s not only your logo, it’s the way your audience perceives you, it’s the way you operate (internally and customer service), the items you sell, the services you provide and the goals you create and reach for. A successful business incorporates all of this into their “voice” to talk to and reach their target audience with visuals such as advertising, your website, stationary, print materials, social media presence and so on.

The best brands have put this all together and developed a strategic system that allows them to thrive. This is where we come in.

Envision offers brand start ups as well as continuing and refining existing brands. We work with you to establish a system that works. Whether it be managing all aspects of your brand or just supplying your business with one or two creatives.

If you have an existing business and are unsure of how your brand is performing please read about our brand audit service.
Brand Foundation

We create strong brands from the core of your business that grow with you in all that you do.

Brand Audit

We analyze all aspects of your brand for improvements and opportunities.

Brand Research

We research your competitors and your target audience to place you in the lead of your industry.

Brand Elements

We create everything to do with your visual brand: logos, websites, publication design, advertising, etc.

Brand Manual

We make sure your brand stays consistent across all print and web materials by creating brand manuals.

Brand Management

We manage brands to ensure your success grows and remains consistent in all your business does.